Training Process

  • CSC SPV to utilize 2,00,000 rural and semi urban CSCs from 36 States/ UTs to become Digital Finance literacy hubs, where each CSC leverages technology to build awareness.
  • CSC SPV to deliver Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials in the form of e-Content, Pamphlet, Banners and multimedia form.
  • A dedicated portal for the project which would include Online Monitoring Application (OMA).
  • CSC SPV will hold conduct Master Training programme for identified 2,00,000 CSCs on Awareness session. The training programme would focus on Digital Finance awareness and it will also cover issues like community mobilization, beneficiary registration, and holding of sessions etc.
  • The trained VLEs will identify and mobilize the community as per the selection criteria:
    • One person from each household to be selected in consultation with the Panchayat Representatives
    • VLEs will organise the logistics like arrangement of the venue, setting up of audio-visual equipments, etc., and conduct the education/financial literacy sessions for 2-3 hrs on the given date. Each batch will range from 40 participants per group depending on the size of the venue and availability of participants. In some cases, multiple batches will be scheduled on the same day simultaneously depending on the time and convenience of participants.
    • Each CSC would cover 40 participants, one from each household i.e. each CSCs to cover 40 households from the catchment area.
    • Account activation for average 40 citizens by each CSC
    • CSC VLE would cover an average of 10 Merchants per panchayat to access digital payment platform and activate account
    • Awareness at District Level and Block level for Govt functionaries and others on digital financial platforms
  • VLEs to register the participants in the Online Monitoring Application (OMA) and to upload session images at the end of the session.
  • Conduct the session in the CSC centre with IEC material i.e. e-Content, pamphlet, banner etc. as shared during the sessions. (The Pamphlets will be collected by the VLEs from nearest branch for distribution to the participants).
  • Setting up of Micro ATMs at rural CSCs to facilitate and enable cashless payments
  • CSC SPV and MEITY team will be involved in constant monitoring and follow-up of the training through the OMA, direct phone calls to VLEs and physical visits to the training locations to monitor the sessions.
  • Leveraging State teams and District Managers to oversee the functioning of the implementation of the programme
  • Conduct impact study of random sample participants who attend the session.

Download Merchant and Citizen onboarding from below link